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Burning Desire

Maia is a 19 year old shemale. She is sexy - slim, petite, totally passable. She comes from a conservative family, but she is anything but conservative. she is living full-time as a shemale, loves the guys and is a flirt. She oozes sensuality that seems to attract more than her share of guys. Most of the guys she meets know about the secret under her skirt, but some don't.

Maia is perfect in appearance and her mannerisms, but she is still learning some of more domestic tasks expected of her. Being a party animal doesn't leave a lot of time for cooking, cleaning and such.

On Thanksgiving, Maia didn't have a date, so she thought she would try her hand at a Thanksgiving dinner, even if there was nobody to join her. She got a small turkey, a box of stuffing, some potatoes and a pumpkin pie. She cleaned the turkey (yuck) and got it basted with no major problems. Then, into the oven.

Maia's phone rang and it was her shemale friend Veronica who wanted to talk about a hot new guy she was seeing. Veronica told her about Jim, a sexy banker, about 30 years old, 6 feet tall, brownish hair with a sexy chest and a huge dick! The two friends got lost in time, sharing stories of the guys that have come and gone recently. Suddenly, a shrieking alarms sounded - it was her smoke detector!  Oh my god!  The turkey!  And the kitchen was filling with smoke.

Maia quickly hung up on Veronica and ran around, not knowing quite what to do. She ran to the oven and opened it, allowing a huge volume of smoke to escape. Her turkey was smoldering, obviously overdone. Coughing and blinded by the smoke, she ran to open the window. The alarm still sounded loudly. Maia was too short to reach the alarm, so she went to find a step ladder in her laundry room. Finally, she was able to silence the alarm. Her apartment was full of smoke and the Thanksgiving dinner was a complete disaster. How could things get any worse?

Maia started cleaning up the mess, fanning the smoke out the window when she heard it. A siren was sounding, first in the distance and getting closer and closer. Oh my god! the Fire Department! She looked out the window just in time to see the city fire engine arriving. Several guys in fire suits were jumping off the truck and rushing into the apartment building.

Maia met them at her front door, "There's no problem, it was a small accident in the oven." The firemen acknowledged, but pushed past her, explaining that they had to inspect anyway. Once satisfied that there was no fire, the firemen began to leave Maia's apartment. One stayed behind to talk with her about fire safety. He explained he would call the on-duty supervisor for transport back to the fire station after he was done.

Maia was understandably embarrassed. She realized she had been scantily clad and that the fireman's eyes kept wandering up and down. Was he checking her out?  Maia wasn't a great cook but she could read men very well. She shot a flirtatious glance at him. He looked her up and down again, fixing his gaze on her shapely bare legs., Trying to remain professional, the fireman began, "Ma'am I have to do a safety inspection of your home." he introduced himself as Jim, a battalion chief. He was sexy, about 6'1" with a mustache, wavy blonde hair, broad shoulders and it was obvious he was well built. As Jim spoke, his eyes continued to roam over her body.

Maia said "I'm glad you came here to help me. I wish there was some way I could thank you." Jim didn't miss that opportunity and moved in closer. Their eyes met. Jim stammered "Thank you ma'am". She noticed the bulge in his pants getting bigger. Maia knew this was her chance. She was excited about the idea of being with a fireman. She respected them so much, and besides they are so sexy! She wasn't sure how he would react if he found out she was a shemale, so she decided to see if he wanted a blowjob.

Maia moved her hand to his pants and as expertly began unzipping his fly. Fireman Jim was rock hard! Maia almost melted when she touched that big cock. She began stroking it when Jim picked her up and laid down on the couch with her. He was really worked up and his hands were all over the place. They fell to the floor, wrapped around each other.

Jim's hands traced the contours of her body, over her small but shapely breasts, down her tummy, toward her crotch! Oh my god! Jim was a strong man, gentle but aggressive. Maia couldn't stop him. His hand rubbed against her dick, which was also getting hard. What the....! Jim backed off and said "What, are you a guy?" Maia, said, "I wanted to explain." Jim sat back, smiled and said, "Shit, you are gorgeous - I'm not gay or anything, but you're fucking beautiful. Lets just get on with it." Maia needed no further prompting. She dropped down to his rock hard dick and started sucking gently at first, running her tongue over the vein and nibbling softly on the head. Jim moaned with pleasure. "Goddamn, that's good." He whispered. She grinned and took his cock into her soft mouth, while grasping his balls in her hand. Maia then slid one finger gently up his ass hole. Jim jerked for a moment, then started enjoying the feeling of her finger in his ass as she sucked his dick. He slid further down, putting his hands on the back of Maia's head, to gently guide himself deeper into her throat. Maia fucked his ass with her finger as she bobbed up and down on his cock, faster and faster. Jim bucked his hips, pushing up as she slid down. He couldn't believe how good it felt to have her on his cock, and in his ass at the same time. He had never done anything like this before, but fuck, it felt good! She took him all the way in her mouth and shoved her finger deep up in his ass, all of a sudden Jim groaned loudly, excitedly, as he felt himself let go. Maia sucked and swallowed his cum, greedily gulping the salty jism, while her finger continued to slide in and out, in and out. Jim shot again and again, and Maia never got tired of it. She finished by licking his now flaccid cock clean. Jim was breathless and exhausted.

When they were done, Maia realized she didn't even care that Thanksgiving dinner was ruined. Jim said he was glad he stayed behind to do the safety inspection and that it was the best Thanksgiving ever for him. Jim left his phone number, kissed her goodbye, called for a ride and slipped out the door.

These days, whenever Maia hears a siren, she gets a tingling sensation between her legs. It was definitely a great experience!

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