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Transsexual Hooker

What can I say, I'm a dirty bitch! I love men and men love me. I have great 36 D tits, a soft rounded ass and a nice piece between my legs for those who want a bit of everything. I guess you could say I get the men who want a gay experience but without having to be with an actual man. After all, I'm a woman, just a woman with a dick.

My name is Cindy, I'm a transsexual escort and I take clients, in my home, on a daily basis. My phone constantly rings off the hook looking for the 'Transsexual Lover' from my ad I run in the paper.

I want to share with you one of the experiences I recently had with a guy who thought he was a manly man. I think he thought he had total control over the situation but I quickly made it perfectly clear who was in control.

Ring Ring Ring "Hello", I answered in my sexiest voice.

"Hi, I'm looking for Cindy?", the man asked, quite assured of what he wanted.
"This is her, how may I help you today", my tone so soft I was almost whispering.
"I was wondering if you'd be free around 10pm tonight for say an hour or so? I would really like to hook up with you." His voice was deep and demanding, I liked that. I could almost picture his body in my mind as he spoke to me. He sounded like a big, muscle bound jock looking for a good bitch to control for the night. Well there'd be some control but it wouldn't be this bitch being controlled, he was about to see how Miss Cindy worked.
"You got it baby, I'll be here waiting for you." I panted back.
I gave him the directions to my home and then prepared myself for his arrival. It's a long process trying to make my pretty self look just perfect. After all I have a lot more to shave than your average woman. And my makeup has to look perfect.
When he arrived, at ten o'clock sharp, he immediately tried to take control of the situation by demanding I remove my clothes.
"Not likely, baby, it don't work that way. Your in Miss Cindy's house now." I grabbed him by his hand and lead him to my bedroom where I pushed him down onto the bed and unzipped his pants putting my hand in to hold his jewels tight. He seemed totally shocked by my actions but did nothing to stop me. He had an hour and he was going to enjoy what I had to give him.
I moved away from him and begun stripping my clothes off for him to see all of me, from my firm breasts to my bulging hard-on. He was noticeably excited by my show and motioned me to wrap my warm mouth around his manhood. Slowly I lowered myself to him and started to engage in oral sex with him. He moaned quietly at first but increasingly got louder as my head bobbed faster. I could hear the anticipation in his groans and the grip he had on my hair got much tighter. As he came close to explosion I brought my body up onto his so I could ride him into ecstasy. He immediately reached out for my large tits, squeezing vigorously trying to shove them all into his mouth. I never seen a man so hungry for my ass in all my life.
We continued into the night, I guess he got more for his money than he ever thought.


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