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Transsexual Whore

My life has always been exciting, at least to me. My name is Julie and I love being a transsexual. You'd be surprised how many men love being with a chick with a dick. They try hitting on me as a woman but as soon as they find out I have something between my legs it seems to drive them wild. I've had a couple bad experiences, the good experiences far outweigh the bad though. 

I have a muscular body and I stand about five foot eight inches, plus with my implants I have some pretty incredible men follow me home. I've even had a few ask me to marry them, I'm just not the marrying type. 

The best experience I ever had happened at the City Zoo. A couple years ago I decided to go to the zoo, I hadn't been there in years. It was warm and sunny that day so I sported short shorts and a tight little tank top. 

A cute guy  first took notice of me by the gorilla cages. Then I caught his eye again by the lions den. His name was Jeremy and he was thin, tall and young, probably about nineteen, he never did tell me his age. He was quite thick though when he got excited. As I walked toward the public bathroom he ran up to me and introduced himself. I smiled while I continued walking toward the restroom. He was still standing there when I walked out.

 I thought what he'd be like, he was so young and cute. So I took him into the bathroom and pushed him into the stall, locking the door behind us. "What are you doing?" He said with a touch of confusion in his voice. As I untied my tank top and pulled it down I replied, "You want me don't you? I know I feel pretty hot right now especially seeing that bulge you keep trying to hide in your pants. 

"His face turned red at the site of my big, round, perky breasts which were less than a foot away from his face. I took his head and drove it between my boobs. He quickly put his hands on both of them and roamed his mouth around like he was searching for milk or something. I reached over and undid his button fly jeans which looked like they were cutting off the circulation to his head. He stood stiff as a board already and we hadn't even gotten into the good stuff yet. 

As I pulled my shorts down to expose my own hardened excitement his face turned even more red. He didn't pull away though, instead he put his hand down there making me shake in pleasure. Pushing his hand back I turned my back to him and felt his full thickness and I lowered my bottom down on him. I bounced my body in a rhythmic motion as I touched myself. We reach our peak together and it was definitely a beautiful thing. 

I ended up giving Jeremy my number but he never called me. I was disappointed at the moment, quickly moving on to the next man who came along. So disappointed yes, heartbroken, no way. I had plenty more men to explore. 



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